About Us:

We are a group of financial and institutional advisors who have expertise in commercial and consumer loan programs, with a speciality in construction lending. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Credit Risk & Policy Design
Construction Lending & Program Development
Default & Catastrophic Workout Administration
Product, Origination & Vendor Management
Resource Needs

Whether you are a financial institution, insurance company, mortgage operation, builder or other organization that has specific lending or construction program needs, Excell Management Group can assist you. Our experience can provide you the proper development, implementation and ultimate management of lending or insurance programs to improve profitability at lower risk.

Contact us:

Excell Management Group
Attn: Richard W. Nirk
Quadrant Center
5445 DTC Parkway, Suite P-4
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
e-mail: info@excellmanage.com

tele: 303-486-6871
fax : 303-486-6872 or 303-770-4729

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